The Neurocognitive Laboratory for the investigation of creativity, ability and giftedness

Prof. Mark Laikin - Academic Head

Ilana Waisman - Director

The Center supports and encourages multidimensional, multidisciplinary and complex investigation of nature and nurture of creativity, ability and giftedness.

Research being conducted by the faculty members focuses on:

  • social and cognitive factors associated with realization of intellectual potential,
  • learning processes and learning environment that lead to the development of abilities,
  • basic and advanced cognitive skills related to creativity, giftedness and expertise,
  • neurocognitive activity in individuals with different levels of abilities,
  • the nature of creativity related to exceptional ability and the nurture of creativity in the broad range of population,
  • the ways for identification of high ability,
  • the role of family in the realization of high abilities.
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